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Church Websites That Increase New Visitors, Member Involvement, and Giving

Creating a church website helps you to easily and affordably reach out to your members, grow your congregation, and let your community connect with you.

An online presence can be the most powerful thing you can do to grow your church.

With your custom website you control the content, how communication happens, and can move your mission forward by accepting donations, educating your youth, and offering your congregation a relationship with you and your church.

Promote Your Church: Custom and Affordable

With your own custom church website, you have complete control over what is promoted and the message is uniquely your own. Your Church site will accomplish exactly what you need it to do, and be at a price that is affordable to you. We do not offer cookie-cutter sites, but instead work with you personally to create the message and brand that you are looking for - DESIGNED JUST FOR YOU. Our plans start at $35 per month and include unlimited support, unlimited pages, unlimited traffic, and tons of features!

Control the Flow of Communication

Your church website provides you with the ability to control how you communicate to your visitors and what methods they have of communicating back. Their information isn't shared with advertisers or other non-profit organizations. It's 100% private and controlled by you.

Provoke Action That Moves Your Mission Forward

The purpose of your church website is to ensure that you are accomplishing what God has placed in your heart. By communicating a clear message and creating ways for visitors to respond to your calls of action, you can rapidly develop new relationships, raise funds, and encourage participation in your ministry's activities. With your custom church website can you accomplish all of these things in one place.

We can help you with your new site or redesign

Our on-staff church website coach, Stacey Kelczewski, is here to help you. Fill out the form to the right and she will contact you within 1 business day for a free website planning session.